Sudoku puzzle creator and solver

Sudoku creator and solver

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Our newest free Excel tool is a Sudoku game. Sorry it’s taken so long, we didn’t realise how difficult it would be to make it do everything we wanted to do whilst also performing well in Excel.

We have given you 6 levels of puzzle to enjoy, ranging from easy to extreme. With an ‘Oh Dear’ category which gives you the opportunity to try a puzzle based on the worlds hardest Sudoku.

To help you improve your skills, or to move past a stuck position we have also provided you a number of options to help you…

  • Check that your answers are correct so far
  • Highlight each number in turn to help you to focus on any gaps
  • Highlight the easiest numbers to focus on next
  • Reveal another number at random

Once you’re finished, or if you give up you can then solve the puzzle to show the complete grid. At this point you can either unsolved to return back to where you were when you clicked Solve, or press Reset to return the grid to the original puzzle you were presented with.

Screenprint of the Sudoku puzzle creator

If you spot any bugs or would like any new features added to this Sudoku game then please leave us a comment below and we will incorporate it.

Enjoy! 🙂

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  • Jerry

    Is there any chance you could share the code for the Sudoku creation? This is very interesting and extremely well done

    • Philip Norton

      I’m afraid I don’t share the code but I tried multiple approaches for creating the puzzles and tore my hair out on numerous occasions. Finding a way to create Suduko puzzles which only have a single solution, and don’t require guesswork, and are created in a sensible amount of time is TRICKY!! (and fun) 🙂

  • Gozali Idrus

    terima kasih macro excel tools, I want to creat inventory system for drug medical to storage and medical pharmacetical

  • Happy Happy

    My Excel doesn’t support Marco so I have to use my laptop great job

  • Victor C

    I just published a step-by-step with VBA code to create Sudoku in Excel:

    • phil192

      Thanks for sharing Victor. I took a look and it seems like a good guide. One question though, can you guarantee that your puzzle is solvable and only has 1 solution if you simply take numbers away at random?

      • Victor C

        Hi Philip, that’s a very good question that I’ve been thinking through for some time.However, after reading a good article I found online, I learned that method is the best approach. After a certain number of cells removed though, it could create conflicts and lead to more than one solution as you mention. I will try to upload the excel (not sure if I can do it there in the blog), so that people can test. Please have a look at this article if you are interested in the different ways of generating and solving Sudoku puzzles::

  • Mike Syr

    As a new feature. The ability to enter numbers from another puzzle. I entered the numbers from another puzzle. It would solve it. First it said the numbers had been changed. Then it asked if I wanted to solve for the new numbers. But, I was not able to unsolve back to the numbers I put in.