Free Excel Tools and Macros

Free Excel tools

As we create more free tools for you to enjoy we will list them here on this page.

Project Management Template

A template to help any project managers create better plans faster.

Project Management GANTT chart in Excel

Personal Finances Planner and Budget

Get your personal finances back under control with this free and easy tool for planning and tracking your monthly budget. It’s really simple to use and after using it you will find that you have a much greater understanding of where your money goes and how you could reduce your spending.

Dashboard showing information about your personal budget and finances

Excel – Art

A good spreadsheet can often feel like a piece of artwork but this tool really is…! You can load in your favourite images and turn them into Excel art, with the cells of the spreadsheet filled in the appropriate colours to make the picture.

Mona Lisa in Excel

A classic made even more beautiful in Microsoft Excel. She is definitely smiling now 🙂

Stock Market Day Trading Analysis

As analytical people we thought we could do well day trading the stock market. However it quickly became clear that we would lose a lot of money – so we stopped, but not before making a neat little tool to download and present stock data….

Stock chart with EMA SMA MACD indicators

Lottery number picker

We decided it was time to increase our chances of winning big on the lottery and thought we should share this with all the lovely people who visit our site. Remember a share a few bob if you win the jackpot 😉

Sudoku puzzle creator and solver

For those who love playing Sudoku here is a great game for you to play, with 6 different difficulty levels and lots of options for helping you solve the puzzles faster (if you need help!). Enjoy.

Screenprint of the Sudoku puzzle creator

Tool to help small businesses manage their invoicing

A great little tool for small to medium size businesses who want to manage their invoicing in a controlled manner without investing in expensive systems. The Excel file includes a custom ribbon with various functionalities such as creating PDFs, changing invoice status and recording payments. All the features are controlled by Excel macros and the workbook is protected to stop you editing invoices after they have been finalised.

Tool for recording and tracking employee vacations

A useful tool for recording how many days holidays your team members are entitled to and how many they have left. The tool includes macros for entering in the holiday information, and you can have any year period (eg. Jan – Dec, Apr – Mar). When you first open the file it asks you for the year start date so you can use it year after year. There are lots of other useful features too so give it a try for free!



  • Mike

    Holiday tracker tool is very useful. Thank you.

    • Philip Norton

      Pleased to hear it, thanks for the feedback Mike 🙂

  • Phillip Cole

    Holiday tracker is great. Could you consider adding a separate option for 1/2 day sick vs. 1/2 day vacation?

  • c peng

    Hello please can we get a tool that monitors changes in category and salary of employees? the Holiday Tracker has been a great tool thanks for that.

    • Philip Norton

      Thanks for the suggestion. It is on the list 🙂

  • Cathy Keenaghan

    Hi, great tool, I want to name the sheet 2017 and start another one for 2018 but to unprotect it i need a password? is this possible?

    • Philip Norton

      Hi Cathy, please just download a new copy of the tool. When it opens you can select the year date for 2018.